Frequently asked door questions

Are your doors standard sizes?
All our doors are made to your specific dimensions and we can produce hinged doors up to 1300mm wide x 3000mm high and pivot doors up to 2000mm wide X 3000mm high.

My door is narrower or taller than the online configurator allows me to input – is there a limit to size?
The configurator software is limited to certain dimensions but we can make your door to any size so please add a note to your enquiry with the sizes you require and your quotation will reflect these dimensions.

What colour choice do we have?
We have 20 colours, including special metallic finishes, as standard and over 400 RAL colours available to special order. In addition, we have a new line of coloured glass finishes that has been added to our special order collection.

Do you have wood finishes?
Yes, there are 10 great options of wood effects available and we can also provide custom wood colours to special order. In addition, we offer a unique planked door that gives a true timber look, without the maintenance and movement associated with timber doors!

What are the doors made of?
All our doors are manufactured from insulated Aluminium German components.

Are they security doors?
Yes, all our doors are 'Secure by Design' and PAS 24' certified.
They also rated at European RC2 and RC3 level security doors. These have been tested at Germany’s famous Rosenheim testing centre, in which our product had to resist simulated burglary attempts for a certain period of time and passed at the highest standard. All our glass is high security laminated glazing and our doors even have a bullet rating! Our doors have even withstood ram raids!

Do your locks satisfy insurance customer requirements?
Yes, working with the German company Gretsch-Unitas with over 100 years’ experience, we deliver the highest quality locking systems possible to meet unrivalled quality. We can meet all customer insurance requirements needed.

Will the doors withstand a coastal environment?
Yes, and our stainless steel components are all fabricated from 316 grade stainless steel with the option of polished stainless steel or powder coated finished handles to match the door. We always recommend maintenance of the door components regardless of the environment so we supply a complimentary care kit and instructions with every door.

What are the locking mechanism options?
We offer a number of multi point locking systems with 3, 5 or 7 point locks available, together with other security options such as opening restrictors and digital door viewers.

Are your doors suitable for disabled access?
Yes. All our doors are supplied as standard with a low level disability access threshold and in addition, we can supply doors with no threshold and a drop down seal from the underside of the door (for covered porch areas only)

Do you have automatic/electronic opening mechanisms?
Yes, there are a range of automatic opening systems:

  • Finger print recognition / key pad entry – we offer 2 biometric systems that allow ease of access through either a finger print scanner or a keypad with a 4-digit code.
  • Power lever arm – we offer a power lever arm system which opens the door completely at a push of a simple remote button, and can further close the door and lock itself again with engagement of the remote.

How many finger prints can be registered onto the fingerprint scanning system?
Up to 99 finger prints per scanner.

Can the doors be linked to a home smart system?
Yes, the doors can be linked with a home smart system and this can be in conjunction with a finger scanner / keypad system or simply through the home smart system via an motorised lock or electronic keep.

What is the delivery time for a door?
We aim to deliver your door in 7-9 weeks but this may be slightly extended if the door is particularly complicated or during very busy / holiday periods in the factory.

Do you have a price list for the doors?
The design options and combinations are so extensive that we do not have a price list. However, the Entré modern aluminium door range is a fixed range of designs and specification, call for details.

Can I have a letter box or cat flap in my door?
Yes, we can include a cat flap or letterbox into your door or prepare an opening for your own items.

Can I have a house number or name included in my door design?
Yes, we offer a number of options for personalising your door including, a house number or name etched into the glass panel in the door or sidelight or, we can offer stainless steel numbers and names inserted into the face of the door.

Can I have a sidelight with an Entre door?
Yes, we offer matching sidelights and fanlights for the Entre doors.

Why would I choose an entrance door from RK Door Systems?
We are a family business and have been in the business of doors and windows for over 25 years and are regarded by our customers as the market leaders in Aluminium entrance doors. All our doors are handmade to order and we offer more options than any other door supplier. If it can be made we can make it, from a hinged door to a pivot door or a fire door to an Aluminium stable door! We have a dedicated online door designer to allow you to design your own door from the comfort of your own home or why not  visit one of our dedicated showrooms where you can see a selection of the many designs and options and discuss your requirements with a RK door expert.

Are your doors suitable for Passiv House construction?
Yes, our Exclusive, Premium and Pivot doors all boast a U Value under 0.80W/sq.mK and are suitable for homes built to Passiv House standard.

Do you offer a fitting service or just supply only?
Yes, we can install your door for you or you can fit it yourself or via your builder. Unlike many door companies, our screens are supplied as a single frame with a factory fitted door and installation is very straightforward. We have comprehensive installation instructions and your guarantee in unaffected by a third party fitting your door.

How are the doors delivered?
Your door is important to us and so we do not use external delivery companies. The vast majority of our deliveries are made using our own dedicated delivery teams and we unpack and check your door carefully with you before re-packing it and placing it in your chosen location (ground floor level only!). In the event that you are located in a remote location or overseas, we pack your door into a secure crate with photographs before packing so that you can be assured your door will arrive in the same condition it leaves our warehouse.

Do you make outward opening doors?
Yes, we make doors that open inwards or outwards. We can even make pairs of doors where one half opens in and the other half out!

If you have a question that is not answered above please call 01872 222300 or email us