Finger print door entry

ekey home integra combines sophisticated finger scan technology from the market leader elegantly and conveniently with your front door. The integrated finger scanner offers easy access without keys, codes or cards. Elegance, convenience and security all in one!

Why choose finger scan?

Of all the biometric techniques, finger scan is the most convenient one due to its cost, ease of use and security.
Your children's fingers from age 6 onward may also be recognized and the scanners are easy to use for children. You need not worry anymore that you, or your child might lose their keys and you can store up to 999 fingerprints.

Simple and secure

Open your front door with only one finger swipe and fingerprints can be added easily via the control panel, so there is no need for a PC.

Your unique fingerprint is much more secure than a key which can be either stolen or lost and because he system requires a 'swipe' of the finger no finger print is left on scanner.

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Finger print door entry

Set up your ekey finger scanner

How to add users and fingers to your new eKey fingerprint scanner.

How to scan your finger correctly

The right way and wrong way to scan your finger.

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